Fabiola López-Durán

Fabiola López-Durán is associate professor of art and architectural history at Rice University. Originally trained as an architect, López-Durán earned her PhD in the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture from MIT. Adopting a transnational and interdisciplinary perspective, López-Durán’s research and teaching interrogates the cross-pollination of ideas and mediums—science, politics, and aesthetics—that ignited the process of modernization on both sides of the Atlantic, with an emphasis on Latin America. Her broad research agenda focuses on non-western modernisms and the complicities between capitalism, racism, and the construction of the built environment. López-Durán’s book, Eugenics in the Garden: Transatlantic Architecture and the Crafting of Modernity, investigates a particular strain of eugenics that, at the turn of the twentieth century, moved from the realms of medicine and law to design, architecture, and urban planning—becoming a critical instrument in the crafting of modernity. This book received a SAH/Mellon Author Award in 2018; and was the winner of the Robert Motherwell Book Prize in 2019.