Aggregate’s website is an online platform to support the production, peer review, publication and discussion of innovative scholarship in architectural history. Aggregate aims to stimulate new research methodologies and techniques in architectural history and theory, particularly emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches; to open up the processes of research, debate and publication to broader participation by scholars, practitioners, and students; and to create a public forum for research in architectural history and theory.

Since 2016, most of Aggregate’s publication efforts have been directed towards developing book-length projects. However, we will continue to publish occasional pieces that are not part of our larger projects. If you would like to propose a piece, please contact us to discuss a possible contribution; for details please see our submission guidelines page.

What this website does

Publishes innovative and rigorous scholarship: This online platform advances a commitment to the ideals of collaborative peer interaction on which the Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative was founded. All items published on the Aggregate website are edited by members of Aggregate’s editorial board, and most are transparently peer-reviewed and workshopped at Aggregate’s annual meetings prior to publication.

Serves as a site for online debate and discussion in our field: This site also features announcements and listings of relevant debates, events, and publications within our field, and provides opportunities for discussion of and commentary upon them.

Supports collaborative work: Behind the scenes, our website also serves an online platform to assist with collaborative research projects. We host tools for project management, group editing, and online discussion of scholarly work.

How this website is organized

Our online publishing platform features an expanding archive of pieces, or scholarly work in a variety of formats.

Pieces are each housed under an umbrella (currently Matter, Discipline, Plots, and Systems), a means of grouping related work.

Pieces might also be part of a project, a carefully-curated long-term research endeavor, to which pieces can be continually added over time.

Pieces appear on our home page as solid shapes, and projects are outlined.


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Past Editors: Michael Osman, Jonathan Massey, with Krister Holmes

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Copy Editing: Linda Walsh, Maureen Bemko, Andrew Goodhouse

Supporting Aggregate

The Aggregate website’s content will always be free, but our operating costs are significant. If you enjoy using this site, please make a contribution to support our work. We suggest $45 for a year’s subscription for professionals or $25 for students.

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