Meredith TenHoor


Meredith TenHoor teaches architectural history and theory and coordinates the history-theory curriculum at Pratt Institute. Her research examines how architecture, urbanism and landscape design participate in the distribution of resources, and in recent years has been focused on how architects use food as a means to rethink the media and politics of practice.

Meredith was Chair of Aggregate from 2012-14, and supervised the development of the Aggregate Website. Her publications include a book, Street Value: Shopping, Planning and Politics at Fulton Mall, with Rosten Woo and Damon Rich, a dissertation, “The Architecture of the Market: Food, Media and Biopolitics from Les Halles to Rungis” at the School of Architecture, Princeton University, about the design of food distribution systems in postwar France, as well as articles and book chapters about markets, food, biopolitics, and urbanism.