1. We Can't Breathe
    Columbia GSAPP, Low Library Rotunda

    Friday, February 6, 2015 12:00pm
    Low Library Rotunda

    Kathy Boudin, The Center for Justice at Columbia
    Vishaan Chakrabarti, Columbia GSAPP
    Mario Gooden, Columbia GSAPP
    Kimberley Johnson, Barnard Urban Studies
    Laura Kurgan, Columbia GSAPP
    Reinhold Martin, Columbia GSAPP
    V. Mitch McEwen, University of Michigan
    Dread Scott, artist
    Stacey Sutton, Columbia GSAPP
    Kendall Thomas, Columbia Law School
    Mabel Wilson, Columbia GSAPP

    We Can’t Breathe

    Organized in response to the failure to indict the killers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and countless other innocent and unarmed citizens—and the massive swelling of anger, grief, and public protest that followed—this urgent and interdisciplinary conversation explores race, justice, and urban space today. Topics include the role of density in racial politics, the disproportionate targeting of low-income minorities by broken windows police tactics, the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow racism on the physical and social structure of US cities, the militarization of law enforcement, and the use of urban space as a stage and platform for dissent.

    Organized by the Center for Justice at Columbia University, the Center for Urban Real Estate (CURE.), and the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture

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