1. Charles Davis II presents "Black Material Culture in the Round"
    MIT School of Architecture + Planning

    October 22, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. via webcast.

    This talk analyzes the racial politics that subtended the Museum of Modern Art’s 1932 International Style exhibition, which polemically defined modern architecture as a progressive social project of the EuroAmerican avant-garde. The artificial polarities that were established between so-called “primitive” and “modern” world cultures has subsequently trapped the cultural productions of people of color in a never ending loop of outright dismissal and cultural appropriation. Revising this definition to accommodate the modern subjectivities that people of color have created in the interwar and postwar periods breaks this loop and opens new grounds for a revisionist history of architectural modernity.

    Charles Davis II will present his work in conversation with HTC PhD candidate Dariel Cobb. HTC co-chairs Indrani Saha and ElDante Winston will host the event.

    Watch the webcast or stream it on Facebook.