1. Call for Submissions: POOL Issue No. 7: Float
    UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

    To float is to be still. To float is to displace. To float is to decontextualize. To float is to voyage. To float is to survive. To float is to escape. To float is to relinquish a desire. To float is to exist apart from, to be outside of. To float is to venture the possibility of a thought. To float is to suspend disbelief. To float toes the line between desire and necessity.

    The 2021–2022 Editorial Team is pleased to announce the call for submissions for POOL Issue No. 7: Float.

    By engaging with the conditions in which we float, sink, and continually re-emerge to the surface for air, POOL invites you to imagine a future that necessitates different modes of being, living, thinking, and interacting with ourselves and each other. A future that dwells in the displacement, flows, and unbounded intimacies of life and matter that unmoor us from stable foundations and solid ground into which we plant ourselves.

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    POOL invites submission of any form of communicative media and encourages both content endemic to academic publishing such as essays and drawings, and unconventional media such as comics, experimental films and syllabi. Accepted content will be considered for the 2022 print issue or published digitally on a rolling basis. Submissions for print are due by March 7, 2022. All materials should be submitted digitally to