1. Call for Submissions: POOL
    UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

    POOL invites you to examine the plant with an eye towards all of or any of its associated terminology: farmer, laborer, migrant, worker, wage earner, employee; sun, shade, climate; energy, power, nuclear; rhizome, root, germ; programming, automation, mechanization; seed, spud, pip; manufacturer, generator, infrastructure; genealogy, lineage, pedigree; fordization, plantation, systematization; soil, bed, earth; factory, facility, mill; harvest, crop, cull; toil, labor, manufacture; nurture, care, keep; assemly, processes, forge; germinate, accumulate, pollinate; produce, stockpile, multiply, pullulate.

    POOL invites submissions of any form of communicative media and encourages both content endemic to academic publishing and unconventional media (conducted with the awareness of the diversity of plant and the many interpretations it can have). Accepted content will be considered for the 2021 print issue and published digitally on a rolling basis.

    Submissions for print are due by February 15, 2021.

    All materials should be submitted digitally to

    For more, visit POOL.